Holy Fall Activities, Batman!

Okay, so my kids definitely can’t say we didn’t do any fall events this year. We got to do more awesome fall activities this past week or so…
We started the week by making Halloween cupcakes. Ava brought some to a birthday party she was invited to at a gymnastics center (how fun is that!). She had a blast and loved her cupcakes too. I try to send a yummy vegan option along with the kids if there will be non-vegan cakes or desert. She said she didn’t mind a bit that she didn’t have any cake because her cupcakes were so yummy! Win!

We went to a parade in “The Halloween Capital Of The World”, Anoka, MN, with our Aunt Gloria and cousins Mia and Dylan. We went to the night parade which meant glow-in-the-dark swords and necklaces! The kids absolutely loved it. It was well worth the three block walk pulling them in the wagon in the dark! Haha!

Two of the groups we belong to had Halloween Parties as well! First was Vegkins, a group of vegetarian families. It was a vegan potluck with fun games and treats for the kids. The kids have made many friends through Vegkins and it’s so fun to go somewhere that everything is vegan! One of the kids out of habit asked someone if the candy they received was vegan and smiled big when they said everything here is vegan!

The other party was with our homeschool group. The kids got to have a costume fashion show to show off their costumes by walking on a table like a runway (they thought it was pretty cool they got to walk ON the TABLE!). They also played games and did some crafts. Then we had a potluck. We brought some vegetarian sloppy joes and a veg/dip tray. Then off to do some trick-or-treating at some near-by businesses. Twelve kids and four moms going business to business collecting candy. It was so great! The kids all did wonderfully and had so much fun!

Ava had a Learn With Me Day this week with her Aunt Lori. Aunt Lori showed her how to do an herb garden. And Ava showed her how to make her spider craft! When we got home Ava said she was to water them with one Tablespoon every day. She has learned that there are three teaspoons in a Tablespoon, so she can use either one now.

Then it was off to Art Class where she did some beautiful water color paintings.

We also had a fun playdate with some friends at a local indoor playpark where the kids all got to wear off some energy and use their quarters in the games and ride machines too!

It’s weeks like this that make me want to laugh hysterically when people ask how homeschoolers can possibly get “properly socialized” or make any friends. Haha!

Oh! And Noah learned to ride on two wheels this week! I think all of the scootering he’s done since he turned three made it easy for him! He had the bike down so quickly at just four years old. He’s so proud of himself. I’m picturing many ramps and jumps ahead for him…


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