End Of The Year Fun

The kids had their end-of-the-year celebration at an indoor games/sport center with their grandparents recently. They did bumper cars, jump houses, arcade games and got to play laser tag for the first time! The end of the official school year is always exciting despite the fact that not a lot will change as far as learning goes at our house. Learning is always happening. The summer calendar is already quite full of gymnastics classes and camps, art camps, community ed classes, library days and events, camping, roller rink days, and playing with friends. And that’s just the scheduled stuff. We are always looking for more ways to learn and have fun. There are so many resources around us that are throughout the summer months. Whether it’s out in the community, up north, or our own back yard, the world is full of wonder and learning opportunities if you look for them.

While looking up the Bell Museum of Natural History online, I saw that they were doing a big nature survey off campus. My mom and I brought the kids, unsure of what to expect. It turned out to be a really neat experience for them! While out searching, we saw bird’s eggs in a nest, snake’s skin, and caught bugs with one of the researchers from the U of MN. She was so patient with the kids and her enthusiasm for catching and identifying insects showed. She showed them how rolled up leaves often have someone hiding inside them, how to carefully catch insects in the net, and where to look for them. There was also a planetarium dome set up inside where the kids got to view a presentation on constellations and stars.

The next day, we went up to my grandpa’s house with the family and saw deer, made homemade ice cream (we made a vegan version for us!), roasted marshmallows and veggie dogs, and spent the night at our Aunt and Uncle’s big bunk-bed room in their cabin, which the kids thought was pretty awesome!

Snake skin!

Nest of eggs.

Ava counting a selection of plants with a staff-member.


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