Camping, Friends, and Up North.

power outage

Neighborhood power outage on a hot day brought all the kids over. They all played games and had snacks until the power kicked back on.

4th july

July 4th backyard fireworks.

5 kids in tree

Climbing trees with pals.

com garden

Our backyard community garden. All the kids helped weed and plant and learned about worms and composting and some wild edibles.

neighbor treasure hunt

Neighborhood nature treasure-hunt.


Always fun to bring out the parachute!

Summer has been busy with many neighbor friends hanging out with us. The kids have been playing nearly every day with groups of friends. It’s become very normal to have a house full and yard full of children of different ages playing music, dancing, playing games, reading, drawing and arts and crafts, projects, video games, and playing outside. It’s going to seem very quiet here when the neighbor kids return to school. We will get to return to our homeschool group meet-ups, classes, and activities for the year. I think we can be sure that the kids had a blast this summer!
We have also gone on several camping trips this spring and summer. Ava went camping with her grandparents while the snow was still on the ground and stayed in a camper cabin, hiked, and roasted marshmallows and visited the campground nature center.
I brought the kids and two of their friends tent camping for the first time. They learned how to build a campfire, had lots of beach time, and worked on the campground activity sets the campground let us borrow. The horseflies were terrible but other than that it was a great trip.
We also went up to a cabin we rent for a week way up north. There is so much valuable family time and learning opportunities. It’s fantastic for the kids. Swimming, visiting the wolf center, kayaked (Ava recently got her very own kayak!), used the rowboat, found a caterpillar we brought back which is in a cocoon right now, fed chipmunks, roasted marshmallows, used the telescope to see the stars and so much more. My parents camp across the lake during part of the week, so my dad and I brought the kids to the Soudan underground mine where we rode an elevator 1/2 mile underground and toured the dark cold mine on it’s very lowest level (level 27). It was a really interesting tour.
And recently went on a group camping trip with relatives and friends. Ava went on a 2 hour kayak trip in her own kayak with the group down the river. We sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows, played in the water, they played with little cousins, and listened to their cousin play guitar and sing for everyone. It was a hot humid weekend for it but they still loved sleeping out in the tent again.

The kids also love spending time at both sets of grandparents. We are so lucky they have such wonderful grandparents who love to spend time with them. They get so many special memories from all the special time they get to share with both John’s parents and mine. We are so grateful the kids feel so much love and feel so special to so many people. Family and friends and the quality time they spend with them are extremely important to the kids and to John and I.

That’s a few of the highlights from the busy summer. Looking forward to beginning the fall season soon!

ava's first twins game

Ava attended her first Minnesota Twins game with her dad. It was a great night to be in the new open stadium.

mine voice

Noah in the underground mine. “Mom, why is my voice so quiet down here? I can’t talk loud!”

morning at lake

Early morning by a lake listening to the loons.

kids in tent

Playing games before falling asleep in the tent.

noah frog pines roasting marshm starting campfire suvanna three girls3 kids in cabin ami drawing glow ava kayak kids n john cabin mine mine2 noah kayak rowboat telescope fenske three kids table winter camping ava mom